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Vine Wine
Small independent family run wine merchant, based in Somerset, covering the Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon areas.

Vine Wine, run by Paddy Magill, is a small independent wine merchant based in Somerset. Paddy set up the company 2015, having realised that there was a place in the market for a good reliable wine merchant who could offer good honest wines at good honest prices. The creative portfolio showcases Paddy’s broad knowledge within the world of wine, gained from over 30 years experience working within both the wholesale and retail sides of the trade as a buyer and a retailer. The exciting wine list reflects his intuitive understanding of today’s market. It offers a range of characterful wines to suit the style, budget and palate of his clients. For events, such as weddings/funerals and birthday celebrations, he offers all wines on sale or return and a free glass hire service. He enjoys developing bespoke wine cellars for anyone who wishes to create their own wine portfolio. He hosts regular wine tastings where he offers the opportunity for clients to taste and discover new and exciting wines from all corners of the world. Paddy also hosts wine courses for private or corporate clients, which is a great way to entertain friends or clients. His extensive wine list enables him to work with hotels, pubs and restaurants to create tailor made wine lists that are innovative and interesting. He is able to offer a country wide delivery service which is free within a 60 mile radius of his Somerset based cellars.
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