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An uplifting massage for both face and mind. Rejuvenation from inside out. No oils or creams are used simply the power of touch. This very relaxing face massage works deeply into the connective tissue and muscles of the face and neck releasing tension and boosting the natural production of collagen and elastin. At the same time it works very gently but intensely on the parasympathetic nervous system giving a deep sense of relaxation. Clients leave the massage bed feeling radiant and looking years younger. The face is uplifted. Wrinkles lessened and the skin speaks for itself – radiating health and well being.

How it works is quite simple. The face and neck have a structure similar to the rest of the body – and the face requires the same attention to keep fit and healthy. The massage techniques used help to increase circulation, promoting oxygenation of facial muscles and tissues and paving the way for nutrients to flow through clean blood plasma, resulting in nourished, smoother and rejuvenated skin. Facial massage also decreases anxiety and can improve a negative mood. The deep relaxation created by a Yuva massage gives an increased sense of wellbeing both in mind and body. The massage itself lasts for 75 minutes.

Nowadays, everyone is always switched ‘on’, always connected, all the time. We don’t take the time to stop and recover. As a result, we all spend too much time in our sympathetic nervous system (the fight/flight branch of the nervous system), while our parasympathetic branch (where the body goes to rest and repair) is mostly ignored. The aim of a Yuva facial massage is to redress the balance, tipping clients out of their switched on/busy mode and getting their bodies to simply ‘idle’ for a while.

Practices in Castle Cary, Somerset and Chelsea SW3, London

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Siska Redman
DT10 2RQ
Siska Redman FH, MTA
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

NLP is a brilliant technique and communication system which works logically on how we experience the world. NLP observes which meaning we give to events that have happened in our lives. I coach my committed clients to quickly get better and to be in the driving seat of their life and emotions. Often there are just one or two sessions needed. NLP is a very logical approach hence also very popular with men. NLP can give you the power to have new choices and be highly resourceful.

What can NLP do?

-Lift the emotional state to feel good rather than anxious and depressed

– Manage the internal state better

– Overcoming seemingly insurmountable objects in your life

– Get quick results in difficult communication scenarios

– Loose weight fast

– Erase negative memory of past experiences

– Stop smoking or other unwanted habits

I have enjoyed a successful career in health and offer a safe, confidential and upbeat service. My clients transform with fun. Sessions are at Guggleton Art Gallery in Stalbridge or online.






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Maya Empowerment
BA12 6QX
Maya Empowerment is a private coaching resource created by Flavia Dalzell Payne to educate and empower children and young adults to blaze their own path and achieve happiness and success in life, whatever their circumstances.

Flavia’s work, whether coaching, mentoring or facilitating group empowerment sessions, promotes psychological well-being by delving into the human operating system to explain how our mindset — our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations — and behaviour shape our lives. Learn the foundations of mental well-being to allow more peace of mind and less negativity, and how to align yourself with your dreams and goals and accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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Our workshop will look like this!
The Hut in the Field – An Intergenerational Community Project for Emotional, Mental and Physical Well-being

We provide therapeutic and fun activities for people across the generations helping people connect with self, each other and nature. We offer volunteering opportunities to share skills, run activities, and help shape the project. Activities include; Mindfulness-based workshops, Gardening, Woodworking and Craft.

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Natasha Musson, The Secret Stylist
The Secret Stylist
Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, Wardrobe Edits/De-cluttering. Holiday Styling, Teenage Styling
Fashion Consultant, Fashion Presenter, Editorial & Commercial Stylist.

The Secret Stylist is a personal stylist that can visit you at home and organise or re-style your wardrobe.
A wish list of ‘what you need to buy’ can be created, photos are taken of all outfits that she produces at each look-book styling session are catalogued and sent to each client so they have a visual diary of their wardrobe. Personal Shopping trips can be arrange an personal sourcing online. Natasha also works with business women/men and teenagers.

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Charlotte Archer
Private Chef/ Caterer and Health Coach

Providing bespoke catering across the South West of England (Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire). I will cater your drinks party, private dinner party, wedding, birthday celebration, weekend away with family/ friends or delivered/ freezer food. I aim to deliver a professional and quality service tailored to your needs. Also teach The Leiths Introductory Certificate at a few of the local private schools in the area. I offer private cooking classes too, for those who want to advance their cooking, get more confident in the kitchen or impress at their next dinner party! All classes are in the comfort of your own home. I am a qualified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

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