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Whizz, Crunch, Grow
Our ambition is to inspire all ages to find enjoyment from spending time in the kitchen. Students will learn to understand where ingredients come from and how to use the best of that season’s produce to cook simple but delicious food.

At each WCG workshop, run in the familiar surroundings of a private home, our students will be required to roll up their sleeves and get their hands sticky in learning new techniques. We encourage and teach them to touch, smell and taste the produce as they cook to ensure their creations are delicious. Our mutual adoration and fascination for food, discovered and discussed over countless cups of coffee and hours of dog walking, led to the creation of WCG, an outlet for us to share our experience and knowledge with children and young adults.

Lucy the Cook is a freelance cook of 15 years with a wonderfully loyal client base. Lucy loves using seasonal produce wherever possible and her menus reflect this. She lives with her husband Ollie of The Cumbrian Sausage Company and their two little dogs. Prior to cooking Lucy taught in a nursery school, and away from the kitchen loves picking flowers, dog walking and travelling.

Heidi is the owner of Cellar & Pantry which provides flavoursome cooking and fabulous wines to private clients. Cellar & Pantry also hosts and cooks for Pop-up Cafés, Restaurants and Wine Tasting events. When not in the kitchen, Heidi is found working with her much adored flock of sheep (producing delicious lamb to cook with), tending her vegetable patch and helping on the family farm.
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