Georgina Robson Mediation

Georgina Robson Mediation
Georgina Robson Mediation
I offer mediation and dispute resolution. Mediation is suitable at any point in a dispute and is invaluable in helping people to resolve differences and move forward in many difficult circumstances including when they separate or divorce, when they have fallen out with their neighbours, when they have been denied access to grandchildren or when there has been family breakdown over a will. As a mediator I am entirely impartial and act as a neutral third party to help negotiate a settlement. As a person, I am approachable, quick to understand a situation, a great listener and I really want to help.

When things are really stuck and there seems to be no way forward in a dispute, mediation can provide a way forward. It gives you the opportunity to sit down together somewhere comfortable and neutral with an impartial third party to try to talk things through. It sounds so simple but it may well feel fraught with risk and I do not underestimate that. My job is to create and manage that environment to support you both so that you can work out your own agreement. The beauty of mediation is that no one tells you what to do, or comes up with an order that you need to abide by but which you may well feel is not the best possible outcome. Instead through careful, thoughtful discussion where tempers are not allowed to fray you can work towards resolving the dispute and potentially maintaining at the very least some semblance of a relationship afterwards. Mediation is cheaper, quicker and more likely to produce a more acceptable outcome than pursuing each other through the courts. The process is confidential and without prejudice. It is also voluntary; the very fact that you choose mediation is some step towards trying to sort things out.
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Georgina Robson Mediation