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Punch Events
Wedding planning and Event Management Company

Punch Events is a an event management company based in South West
England. We have been managing and planning beautiful weddings and stylish
parties throughout the UK for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in
the industry.
We can coordinate all aspects from conception and planning stage through to
the take down, calmly and efficiently supporting you through the whole process
leaving you to relax and enjoy your special day.
Punch can introduce you to the very best suppliers including venues, marquee
hire, (we have a sister company Apex Marquees), caterers, florists,
photographers, event stylists, theming and prop hire, bands, DJ’s, and
We offer a full management or partial planning service with all the connections,
wisdom and economic good sense derived from years of experience in the field.
Whether you are having a party for 10 or 500 we can manage your event with
efficiency, style, integrity and discretion.
Do get in touch and let us help you to create a party to remember.
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What our clients say
“Helen you are a fabulous organiser. You held our hand every step of the way
and made quite an “event” become better than I imagined. Given how much we
put in to the day there was nothing out of place, and I know that you went the
extra mile on quite a few occasions. I was and still am a blissed out bride. There
are so many areas that you handled with such calmness and efficiency, but what
fun to be had too. I am so proud I could burst and cannot believe it was only two
weeks ago as I have been in a bubble of delight ever since! May we have many
more parties together.”
Susie Willis Founder and CEO of Romilly Wilde Skincare – Wedding in

“I want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you for all you did to ensure Charlotte and
Pedro’s wedding weekend was such a success! You were just amazing and we
can’t thank you enough! You were always full of energy and smiles and nothing
was too much trouble and you were a joy to have around. We really could not
have done it all without you and so appreciate all you did. We have gained a
friend too which is wonderful!”
Helen and Richard Groves – Wedding in Dorset

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Punch Events