Maya Empowerment

Maya Empowerment
Maya Empowerment
Maya Empowerment is a private coaching resource created by Flavia Dalzell Payne to educate and empower children and young adults to blaze their own path and achieve happiness and success in life, whatever their circumstances.

Flavia’s work, whether coaching, mentoring or facilitating group empowerment sessions, promotes psychological well-being by delving into the human operating system to explain how our mindset — our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations — and behaviour shape our lives. Learn the foundations of mental well-being to allow more peace of mind and less negativity, and how to align yourself with your dreams and goals and accomplish anything you put your mind to.

BA12 6QX

Flavia’s work is a privilege and a gift that few encounter at any stage, let alone when in pre-teens or teens – what a strength to carry this knowledge though the entire lifespan! Maya Empowerment enables participants to become active co-creators of the future – not just for themselves, but for all.

“This training has been really impactful on our Year 8 cohort. Right after the first session several were talking about how catching negative thoughts could change their outlook on life if they were able to do it; after a couple of sessions they began to realise that it is a choice and have started to put it into practice. Flavia led the sessions with empathy, professionalism and charisma. It was a hugely worthwhile programme for the kids.” – Head of Humanities, All Hallows Preparatory School (leading UK prep school, age 4-13)

“Infinite Possibilities has changed my life. The idea that we can control our thoughts, and therefore our destiny, was something that had never occurred to me. I had beliefs about life that I now realise had been instilled in me since childhood. I have learnt to challenge these beliefs and change my thought pattern entirely. I now have a totally different outlook on life. I have become more positive and I am learning to develop my intuition and as a result I am much happier and calmer. I would recommend this to everyone.” – Art Director

“Infinite Possibilities came to me at a time when I needed it most. Without a doubt, Flavia and her teachings have got me through what has been an incredibly hard time and the lessons she has taught have transformed my thinking into positive ‘can do’ action. I am en route with renewed energy and a sense of possibility.” – Marketing Director

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Maya Empowerment