Ashley Baxter

Detail on fire surround
  • Fire surround with oak leaf detail
  • Glass and stone dining table
  • New doorway at Bryanston School
  • Steps in Pyt House Garden
Ashley Baxter
Experienced stonemason with a wealth of experience of restoring old buildings as well as creating new pieces of stonework

Having been a stonemason for 30 years I love working with anything to do with stone. This has taken me from designing and installing a new stone plynth in Canary Wharf, to Scotland installing an ornate, intricate fireplace in Glenapp Castle. Restoration projects include many properties in the area including mullion windows, gate piers, restoration of church walls … anything made of stone! I take great pleasure in matching the local stone and bringing old carvings back to their former glory. My website needs updating, but gives you a flavour of what I can do.
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BA12 9HN
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Ashley Baxter